The Cosmetology Association will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate applicants with a special need. 

Request for Accommodation  
Requests for accommodation are to be made to the Association’s Executive Director (in writing). 

A request for accommodation must include: 
  • the nature of the disability or need,
  • the type of accommodation being requested, and 
  • where available, a description of what accommodation(s) the applicant has received in the past.
Depending on the nature of the disability or need and the type of accommodation being requested, the Executive Director may request that the applicant provide additional evidence to support their request. Such additional evidence may include, but is not limited to, a formal medical diagnosis or documentation from a health care practitioner explaining the need for the accommodation being requested. 

Types of Accommodation 
The Executive Director is not required to provide the applicant with their preferred type of accommodation.  In cases where the applicant’s specific request cannot be met, the Executive Director will work together with the applicant to determine a reasonable solution. 

If the applicant and the Executive Director cannot agree on what type of accommodation is appropriate in any case, the Executive Director will make a determination as to what accommodation, if any, is to be provided.  

Examples of accommodations that can be made include, but are not limited to: 
  • Assistance in completing the written exam 
  • Equipment for practical examination 
Examples of accommodations that can be made for the Association’s Provincial Examination include, but are not limited to:  
  • Written oral examination (ie: private with assistance)
  • Alternative time
  • Additional time 
Any arrangement (such as a language interpretor) must be arranged in advance and all such arrangements are at the expense of the exam participant. 

The Executive Director may decline to provide any accommodation when doing so would circumvent a bona fide occupational requirement. 

Notes related to an accommodation request will be kept in the applicant's file, separate from other general materials in order to avoid inappropriate disclosure of personal medical or health-related information.
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