February 6, 2022 @ 1:00 p.m.

Call Meeting to Order: 1:00 p.m.

Notice Convening the 2022 AGM

➢ Facilitator – Board Chair and Executive Director
➢ Current Board of Directors
➢ Legal Counsel
➢ Accountant

Approval of the 2022 AGM

Agenda Additions to the 2022 Agenda

Approval of the past AGM Minutes: November 9, 2020

Business arising from past Minutes: See OLD BUSINESS

➢ Annual (Executive)
➢ Committees
➢ Discipline
➢ Financial 

Appointment of Auditor


Note: For past By-law motions approved by Members (those requiring change, and new considerations “in long form”) please refer to Member email Notice of AGM (information will also be available during the AGM).
1. Rescind Specific Master (Clinical Esthetics) Licence (approved Motion November 2020) and consider new categories and fee requirements.
2. Review of past By-law changes and amendment requests for consideration (Member approved 2018-20).

A. Motion approved by Members, October 14, 2018 – Dartmouth
a) Esthetics as a trade review
b) Specific Licence (Eyelashes) title change
c) Cosmetology upgrading – for all Licensed Cosmetologists
d) Specific Instructor requirements – timeline

B. Motion approved by Members, September 22, 2019 – Yarmouth
a) Apprenticeship – 2 nd Pilot Project Hairdressing
b) Master Licence upgrading requirements
c) Retired Members (aged 65 and up)
d) Member insurance
e) Fee increase
f) Board Director term – Motion approved 2019 and 2020
g) Centralizing AGM

C. Motion approved by Members, November 9, 2020, held virtually
a) Board term
b) Specific Licence – Natural Textured Hair
c) Master Cosmetologist (Clinical Esthetics) – noted in attachment at no. 1(i), (ii), (iii)
d) Clinical fees – noted in attachment at 1(iv)
e) Define definition of "Cosmetology" at By-Law 1.1(e)

D. Action – Request Members’ direction on past approved Motions (not yet approved by Government)

3. COVID-19 update

4. Apprenticeship update

1. Master Specific Licence titles
2. Interim Instructor licence – consider reintroducing an interim instructor licence
3. Cosmetology program curriculum update - all cosmetology programs underwent reviews and changes to ensure education is inclusive, up to date, and consistent across Nova Scotia moving into 2022
➢ Update
➢ Skill hours increased to ensure students are floor ready
4. Removal of eyelash extensions from the Esthetics and Make-up program curriculum
5. Association to begin work on Regulations
6. Salon and Mobile licence update
7. Members holding 2 or more licenses
8. Salons with a salon and mobile permit

Appoint Nominating Committee

Election Results – 2022 Board of Directors
• In the event of a tie, a second vote will take place at this time.

Motion to Ratify Expenses and Adjourn 2022 AGM

Should you have any comments, or require further information or clarification regarding the AGM, please contact the Executive Director at 902-468-6477 or 1-800-765-8757, ext. 204 (or via email at memberresponse@nscosmetology.ca).

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Provincial Exam Information

Executive Director
Dana Sharkey, CAE



Academy of Cosmetology
Hair, Esthetics, Makeup Artistry
33 Thornhill Drive, Unit 201. Dartmouth

Cape Breton Business College
Hair, Esthetics
93 Johnston Street, Sydney

CBBC - Halifax
Hair, Esthetics
1046 Barrington Street, Halifax
Eastern College
Makeup Artistry
7067 Chebucto Road, Halifax

Eastern Esthetics
Nail Technology, Hair Removal, Eyelash Enhancements.
19 Crane Lake Drive, Halifax

Hair Design Centre
Hair, Esthetics, Makeup Artistry
278 Lacewood Drive, Halifax
Hair Masters
Hair, Esthetics, Nail Technology
26 Archibald Ave., North Sydney

Elevate Beauty Institute of Cosmetology
Hair, Esthetics, Nail Technology, Lash Technician
77 Crescent Drive, New Minas

NSCC Annapolis Campus
50 Elliott Road, Middleton
NSCC Burridge Campus
Hair, Esthetics, Nail Technology
372 Pleasant Street, Yarmouth

NSCC Marconi Campus
1240 Grand Lake Road, Sydney

NSCC Pictou Campus
39 Acadia Avenue, Stellarton