Any practicing Cosmetologist working for "fee, gain or reward," is required by law to be licensed by the issuing authority of the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia. You may apply for Credential Recognition if you practice one or more of the following:
  • Hairdressing
  • Esthetics

  • Nail Technology
  • Makeup Artistry

  • Hair Removal Services
  • Eyelash Extensions
Applicant Credential Recognitionapplicants1

To qualify for Credential Recognition, an individual must apply with the following fees and documentation: (Documentation must be translated and notarized, unless issued in English.)
  • Credential Review Fee
    (as outlined in the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia By-Laws, Schedule B)
  • A valid and current (not expired) licence credential issued by another country or Canadian Province / Territory in the same scope of practice for which you are applying in Nova Scotia

  • A Certificate of Completion or Diploma from a registered school of Cosmetology in the same scope of practice

  • Copies of all relevant documents, certificates, licences, upgrading courses et cetera

  • Proof of previous work history (example: reference letters)

  • Government-issued photo identification

  • A completed Application Form

  • A completed Schedule D Form

Please Note:
The Credential Review Fee must be paid prior to document review, and all applications must be submitted as a complete package. Applications are reviewed individually (this can take up to six to eight weeks.) Upon successful completion of the Credential Review, applicants must pay the applicable Registration and Licence Fees (as outlined in the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia By-Laws.)

credential timeline

Should an applicant receive an unsuccessful Credential Review, they may request a Credential Appeal. For more information on credential appeals, please view the Credential Appeal Process flow chart.
  • Reciprocity
    Reciprocity/recognition applies directly to current license holders in another jurisdiction reflecting the same scope of practice.

    If you are a non-licensed individual holding a Certificate of Completion or Diploma from a registered school of Cosmetology, you must challenge the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia’s Provincial Exam.

    Individuals who do not fall into either category as set out in the above statement may not qualify for a Cosmetology license in Nova Scotia. Please contact the office for more information.

    Mobility for Cosmetology Across Canada
    Chapter 7 (Labour Mobility) of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)

    On behalf of the Forum of Labour Market Ministers, the Labour Mobility Coordinating Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The website was created to establish a centralized body of information on the requirements of Chapter 7 (Labour Mobility) of the Agreement on Internal Trade.

    The new website provides information to regulatory authorities and regulated workers on issues related to labour mobility, including information on additional certification requirements, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and a detailed list of current exceptions to labour mobility across Canada. It also houses contact information for jurisdictional labour mobility coordinators and contains links to important initiatives and resources related to labour mobility in Canada.Labour Mobility is essential for the Canadian workforce.
    • For skilled tradespeople a current License or the Red Seal is the recognized passport to mobility in trades across Canada.
    • For Recognized Certificates, please contact the Cosmetology Association for more information: at 1-902-468-6477
    • To have a Cosmetology License from another Country or Province in Canada recognized in NS, the License must be current (not expired) in the place of origin, and the following application must be completed and submitted by the applicant: application form and pay applicable fees.
    • For more information concerning careers in Nova Scotia, please visit:
    Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program
    The Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program (also known as the Red Seal Program) provides certified workers mobility across Canada by encouraging the standardization of training and certification programs. Because those who hold a Red Seal have qualified by passing industry-developed interprovincial examinations based upon nationally validated occupational analyses, certified workers from Nova Scotia can obtain employment in many other Canadian jurisdictions where their trade/occupation is designated.

    Should you hold a Red Seal?
    When moving from one Province or Territory to another, if the trade is designated Red Seal in the new Province or Territory, there is no requirement to write any further examinations to obtain a certificate from that Province or Territory. In some jurisdictions, it might be necessary to pay a fee.

    If you are a tradesperson and wish to relocate, we encourage you to contact the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Office for information on Red Seal at (902) 424.5651 or toll-free at (800) 494.5651.


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